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Valerie, and Mere Made Surfboards, first caught my eye when I was looking around for a new board. I was not only impressed by her shaping skills but also that she was a female shaper, since there are so few in the industry. If you know anything about Valerie, you know her customers, and often repeat customers, myself included, come to her not just for her beautifully executed boards but because Valerie and her family are amazing people who greet everyone with open arms and a smile, as if old friends. Even though Valerie learned from some of the big names in the industry, she is not your average shaper. She goes above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you want, putting her heart and soul into even the smallest details. Her dedication and amazing story is what inspired me to make a video about her. I wanted everyone to see what exactly goes into her board making.

The only problem was that there are already countless videos about shapers so I wanted to approach it somewhat differently. My intention was to show the details and the beauty of the execution of a board design. By making close-up shots and match the cuts with the intense beat of the music, the idea was to bring the viewers into an intimate position by showing the relation between the shaper and the foam blank to get the final product: the surfboard.




180113_pacifica sunset_01.jpg