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Industrial DESIGN


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Hello //
I'm Gauthier Richard. I'm an expert product visualizer and 3D surfacer. My work spans from consumer electronics to sports oriented products. I've worked with start-ups, small consultancy's to large corporate in-house teams. I believe design is a collaborative effort and a shared experience.

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3D Modeling, rendering & animation





Experience //
I graduated in 2012 with a Masters of Digital Design & Management from the International School of Design. Recognizing the importance of real-world experience I landed an internship with Quiksilver Europe early in my college career. This introduced me to the world of consumer electronics and action sports. I quickly fell in love. Post graduation I moved to California to continue to fuel my new found passion. Currently at I’m at Nokia.

Literacy //
In my 7 years of design I’ve become proficient in both nurb and parametric modelling. I’m familiar with the design development process. I’ve been embedded both early in the conceptual phase and design for manufacturing. Currently I’m responsible for: master surfacing, 3D animations, prototyping and managing Nokia’s lab. Beyond design I’m quite comfortable operating a photo studio, shooting product photography and videography.

I have extensive knowledge of Alias, 3DS max, Vray, Keyshot and the Adobe Suite.

Beliefs //
The same enthusiasm, attention and care that drives us at the beginning of projects are the same traits I carry throughout my projects. I believe in starting strong and finishing even stronger. To me good design is about the attention to details and a simple and intuitive user experience in the end.

When I’m not working you can find me surfing, skateboarding or rock climbing with my wife and daughter.



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